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 Saturday 19th, November, 2022 - 9am to 6pm

The 2022 Annual Wing Ding Charity Tournament was held on the 19th of November 2022 at the HKFC squash centre.  

This is a running teams fun squash tournament with maximum 14 teams of 10 players competing in non-stop squash

All money raised; fees, donations and raffle, goes directly to Operaton Santa Claus. 

Operation Santa Claus (OSC) is the annual charity campaign, jointly organized by the South China Morning Post and RTHK. Over the years, Operation Santa Claus donors have raised over HK$110 million in funds and encouraged Hongkongers to share their good fortune with the needy during the winter festive season. For details on this year's benificiarys see here

2022 - Wing Ding Winners

Team Results - Points (Top 3)      

  1. Blade Revolution (Black)       - 2,088 Points
  2. HKFC Vice Squasd (Blue)       - 2,038 Points
  3. HK Squash Gear (Silver)        - 2,019 Points

Wooden Spoon - Hill Dickinson Swingers (Orange) - 1690 Points

Best Player- Max H. Y. Lee - HKFC Vice Squasd 230 Points

(To see detailed results click on Team Scores , Player Scores boxes on left side)

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Position Team Raised
1 Spankers (Silver) HK$78,718
2 HK Football Club (Blue) HK$45,399
3 ISRC (Pink) HK$34,150
4 American Club (Brown) HK$19,740
5 Utd Services Rec.Club (Turquoise) HK$16,550
6 HK Swingers (Yellow) HK$10,340
7 Royal HK Yacht Club (Purple) HK$8,750
8 HK Cricket Club (Green) HK$7,900
9 Ladies Rec. Club (Red) HK$7,800
10 Blade Revolution (White) HK$6,700
11 CWB ALLSORTS (Orange) HK$6,700
12 Once You Go Black (Black) HK$5,060
13   (0) HK$0
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  Other Donations HK$350
  Total Raised HK$248,157

Youtube Wing Ding Live

2022 Funds Raised to Date

Position Team Raised
1 Squash-Me.io HKFC (Yellow) $ 89,976
2 SJP Spankers (Red) $ 49,238
3 HKCC Premier Select (White) $ 26,500
4 ISRC (Brown) $ 25,000
5 Utd Services Rec. Club (Green) $ 24,584
6 Hill Dickinson Swingers (Orange) $ 21,200
7 KCC - Burke & Co. (Pink) $ 18,850
8 HK Squash Gear (Silver) $ 17,450
9 HKFC Vice Squad (Blue) $ 17,300
10 HKCC Angels (Purple) $ 16,000
11 Blade Revolution (Black) $ 12,400
12 Ladies Rec. Club (Turquoise) $ 9,300
13 Royal HK Yacht Club (Tropical) $ 7,900
14 Sprints (SPRINTS) $ 0
Silent Auction Total $ 60,000
  $ -
Other Donations $ 16,850
Total Raised $ 412,548


A big thank you to all our donors for your prize donations. A list of Lucky Draw prizes donors and winner below. 

No. Prize (Donor) Winner
1 4 Night at Villa Shogun, Hua Hin Thailand (Phil Head) Dave Robinson
2 HK$6,000 Voucher for HKFC Private Dining (HKFC) Bob Wasyliw
3 Life Drawing Course. 4 Sessions (Gail Deayton) Nick Stearn
4 Squash Racket (HK Squash Gear) David Murray
5 Squash Racket (HK Squash Gear) Dan Ternes
6 Squash Racket (HK Squash Gear) Chris Caves
7 Squash Racket (HK Squash Gear) Julian Tanner
8 Squash Racket (HK Squash Gear) Stephane Vartanian
9 Squash Racket (HK Squash Gear) Lee Wing Ip
10 Squash Racket (HK Squash Gear) Stephane Macresy
11 Squash Racket (HK Squash Gear) Adrian Aw
12 Squash Racket (HK Squash Gear) Tim Fan
13 Squash Racket (HK Squash Gear) Max (Hill Dickinson)
14 HK$1,000 Car Service Token (Adrian Ng) Adco Leung
15 HK$1,000 Car Service Token (Adrian Ng) Poon Chi Kin Peter
16 HK$1,000 Car Service Token (Adrian Ng) Wong Lai Sheung Ruby
17 HK$1,000 Car Service Token (Adrian Ng) Shaun K
18 HK$1,000 Car Service Token (Adrian Ng) Paul Lee
19 HK$1,000 Car Service Token (Adrian Ng) Karis Choi
20 HK$1,000 Car Service Token (Adrian Ng) Marcus Lim
21 HK$1,000 Car Service Token (Adrian Ng) Christine Chan
22 HK$1,000 Car Service Token (Adrian Ng) Christine Doleman
23 HK$1,000 Car Service Token (Adrian Ng) James Zhang
24 Blade Racket (Blade) Justin Ho
25 Blade Racket (Blade) Sean Chin
26 Blade Backpack (Blade) Julian Tanner
27 Blade Backpack (Blade) Sonny Poon
28 Blades Wallet (Blade) Jason Dukes
29 Blades Wallet (Blade) Arthur Au
30 BOD – Cold Brew Coffee System (Troika International) Rajesh Mulchand
31 G2Pro TheraGun Pro. Massager (Troika International) SK Chiu
32 Under Armour Backpack (Under Armour) Adco Leung
33 Under Armour Backpack (Under Armour) Warrick Leung
34 Under Armour Backpack (Under Armour) Jasper Flint
35 Under Armour Backpack (Under Armour) Brian McDougall
19 2 bottles house wine (USRC) Chris Guy
20 2 bottles house wine (USRC) Jeannie Cho


The following items have been donated for Silent Auction.  Highest bid received by the end of Wing Ding day will secure the item.

  1. Junk Trip plus Speedboat (Max 25 people) plus beer/soft drinks (donated by Heather & Ken Deayton) - Top Bid Rec'd - HK$40,000
  2. Two 2023 HK Sevens full weekend tickets (donated by HKFC) Top Bid Rec'd - HK$20,000
  3. Signed framed photo - Nicol David, 8 times Ladies World Champion; ranked No. 1, 12 years continuously (2006 to 2015). (donated by Heather Deayton) Top Bid Rec'd - TBC

email bids to squash@murray.hk before mid-night 18th Nov. or to the donation desk on the day.

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