HKFC - Internal Summer League

The 2016 Internal Summer League started on the 11th of July and ran for 8 weeks until the 3rd of September. Similarly to last year’s event there were 8 teams entered in the tournament with 6 players in each team. As usual the team names were very random and were:

1. Knockout Bandits - Thomas Cheung(convenor)
2. Fearless Dragons - Anurag Mathur (convener)
3. Extreme Fighters - Arthur Maloy (convenor)
4. Dark Spiders - Anthea Yung(convenor)
5. Spinning Cyborgs - Anne Cheng(convenor)
6. Sneaky Gangstaz - Henry Ng(convenor)
7. Hot Champions - Dave Chan(convenor)
8. Deadly Assassins - Ashwin Padagoankar(convenor)

In the regular season Dave Chan’s Hot Champions took 1st place by only 3 points (37 pts). Second was Knockout Bandits with 34 pts.

Full table:

1 Hot Champions 37 pts
2 Knockout Bandits 34 pts
3 Sneaky Gangstaz 32 pts
4 Dark Spiders 28 pts
5 Deadly Assassins 27 pts
6 Fearless Dragons 25 pts
7 Extreme Fighters 22 pts
8 Spinning Cyborgs 19 pts


Hot Champions were unstoppable in the cup play-off finals were they beat  Knockout Bandits 6-2. The plate went to Deadly Assassins who beat extreme fighters 6-2.

Hot champions core players were:

1. James Zhang
2. Alex Barmont
3. Andy Ho
4. Dave Chan
5. Steve Gollop
6. Gemma Sung


Special thanks to Harrow Cafe for offering small prizes for participants (please contact for latest promotions).

On the final day on the 3rd of September there were 48 members playing with many more coming to support with the prize ceremony in Captain's bar concluding the Summer League. In total there were around 200 matches played over 2 months. For more details see HKFC Squash Section web site:

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