2020 - Wing Ding Races Tournament (by Stephen Gollop)


Team Blade Revolution win the Tournament.

WD_OSC_ChritmasTree.jpg2019 we had the riots and 2020 we had Covid, both put an end to countless sports and social events. But it seems nothing can stop the Wing Ding! For the second difficult year in a row, the Wing Ding took place, albeit in a somewhat socially distanced format. The numbers may have been reduced, the fancy dress side-lined and the manic inter squash court sprints gone, but the Wing Ding spirit and our remembrance of Wing were as strong as ever! 


Down from 182 players in 2019, 100 gallant squashies took to the courts on November 21st and at the time of going to press, raised just over HKD253K for Operation Santa Claus, putting us less than 3% down on last year’s total. At the time, the highest fund-raising event so far for the Charity.

All the facts and figures are below the photos at the bottom, but special congratulations to Hailey Wong and Coco Cheung for highest individual points scored, Blade Revolution for winning the entire tournament and SJP Spankers for raising the most donations.





It may not be 182 people in fancy dress, but as close to the traditioanl Group shot as we could get.



This year really was touch and go right up to the last minute as to whether we would have any event at all. The success of the Tournament has really been achieved through exceptional enthusiasm and exceptional generosity this year and a variety of individuals/bodies deserve a special mention.


For their Effort:

Every player

The convenors

The volunteers

The Wing Ding committee



Romain determined to keep it colourful


For their donations:


Top 3 teams

SJP Spankers

HKFC Captains select

HK Cricket Club



St. James’s Place Foundation

Hill Dickinson Hong Kong


8K plus:

Rajesh Mulchand

HKFC squash section

Bob Waisyliw

2 anonymous


All the Prize Draw Donators


For their support:

The club

The section



Yep, Phil was basically coaching non stop from 6.15am to 7pm!


Special thanks to:

Phil Head for his support in so many areas and his extraordinary marathon 16 sponsored coaching sessions.



MC Carlos continues his search for those markers, players, time keepers, score sheets etc etc etc.

Dave Murray for inventing the Covid friendly format and pulling it all together when timeframe and logistics meant that he had a far bigger workload than in any other previous year.


Spot the American club team mates.


And finally, Carrie Lam for timing the sporting bans to perfection, allowing players just enough time to get fit enough for the event and then banning sports again just a few days after the big day.


Full Photo Gallery availble here   -  See here for Funds raised, Winners and Team results


Finally found a use for Steve


Carmen in action against Anthony



Dick trying to confuse Andy



Eli with Sunesh (who never takes his eyes off the ball)


Emma takes on Vickram in her second time on court


Jonno tests Renee, but not for 25 minutes


Hailey tests KK for about 25 minutes


Phil, 23 years coaching at the club. Finally he made one of his students legs fall off.


Raphael and Alex also keeping it colourful


To the Bar!


Mr Murray's hideaway