Take a bow Phil



Following the end of the brilliantly revamped, Covid-friendly Wing Ding tournament - where Phil Head had been coaching for a record number of sessions all in the name of charity - 100 or so people with aching limbs and a raging thirst came together to give Phil a leaving soiree worthy of the coach who had graced the HKFC for over 20 years.



With a penchant for parties and tours, Phil appears in many a photo album and with a bit of prompting from Jonno we were shown a fantastic slideshow of Phil through the ages. And even better, dozens of friends and pupils from past and present contributed short selfie videos giving thanks to Phil for their friendships and many improved squash technique.


From squash tour pros, to ex-HKFC members across the globe, and of course a jumbo tour winning partner, the compilation video spoke volumes about the breadth of people that Phil has touched over his 20 years at the club.


And so to the highlight of the night, Phil’s speech that by common consent was absolutely nailed!   


Phil, we wish you all the best up the road at the HKCC and look forward to the next highlights reel, involving not just a squash court but no doubt a golf course, a jumbo doubles tour and a night on the town or three! 


I have a request in to the Football Club management to retire your seat at the Chairman’s Bar, without response as we go to press...


Coach, legend, mate – Phil we salute you!










See here for more photos