Nov 2015 - Winter League Summary - October

The winter league got off with a very fast start in early October with many fixtures between HKFC teams playing each other. Every individual match is important as this gives the team one league point with an extra point being awarded to the overall winners of the team’s matches.


Division 2

The league season got off with a bang as HKFC 2A playing HKFC 2B on the first day of the season. 2B were 4-1 victors setting the stall out for Ho Fai Chiu’s team. 2A made amends in their second game with a very hard fought 3-2 win over KCC 2B. But HKFC 2B couldn’t win their second game against KCC 2A who look to be the team to beat in the league


Division 3

HKFC 3 convened by Elliot Froidevaux had a very close game against the powerful KCC team in the first round narrowly losing 3-2. They have regrouped well to win their next two games against LRC and FC 1.


Division 4

HKFC 4 have had two 5-0 wins in their first 3 games and have narrowly lost to Spirit 1 3-2 in their other tie to make them second in division 4 in these early days of the season.


Division 5

David Robinson’s HKFC 5 team had a tough start against old foes KCC in their opening game losing 4-1. They lost by the same margin to YLJR1 in their second game but had a well-earned victory in their third game vs USRC.


Division 6

The season opened with the derby game of HKFC 6A playing 6B. The tie saw Club captain Julian Tanner’s 6B beating Kien Ng’s 6A 4-1 to set the stall out early for div 6 bragging rights. 6A bounced back to win against Tomcat 3-2 in round 2 with 6B narrowly losing to DB 1 in their second game.


Division 7

The division 7 team’s pre-season must have been strong as they had a rip roaring start in their first match winning 5-0 and only dropping one game in all the matches. They lost 3-2 in their second game but won their third 3-2 to give them a solid start to the season.


Division 8

HKFC 8 started their campaign a week later than the rest of the teams due to having a bye. They played HKCC in their first game beating the old rivals 4-1 up at Wong Nai Chung Gap Rd.


Division 9

Philip Ting’s division 9 team has won three of their first 4 games beating last year’s finalists Star River 3-2 in the process. They lost very narrowly 3-2 to probable league favourites Head Advance 8 with the top 3 players all narrowly losing 3-2 in their individual games. This month has some action shots of the Division 9 team.


Division 10

HKFC 10 led by Robert Jones has won 2 of their first 3 games with wins against Head Advance 10 and the sailors at RHKYC 1. They lost 3-2 to TZSC 1 to ensure they have had a solid start to the season.


Division 11

HKFC 11 lost their first game vs TMSC 1 in a tight encounter. Results are pending for their next few games.


Division 13

HKFC ably led by Damien Laracy had a very strong start beating SCAA 5-0 in their first game. They had a tougher second match vs Kinetic 4 losing narrowly 3-2 in a very close game.


Division 14

Another club Derby match was in order for the first game of the season with 14 A playing 14 B. James Osmund’s 14A side won 3-2 against Brian Taam’s 14 B 3-2 with 14A’s number 3,4 and 5 all winning their games to show they have strength in depth.


Masters Division 1

Early results are still waiting to be updated. The M1B team had a very strong victory over CWB. It will be interesting to see which HKFC team finishes on top at the end of the season with two very strong squads.


Master Division 2

The old rivals in last year’s final HKFC M2A played HKFC M2B in the season opener with the M2A team winning 3-2 ably led by Simon Ho. Nick Shultz’s M2B team had a tricky 2nd game vs DB masters losing 3-2 out on Lantau.


Master Division 3

HKFC M3A have enjoyed a solid start to the season by beating arch rivals HKFC M3B and then RHKYC in their first two games. A narrow loss to Gloma in the third week means that Dave Cross’ team are well placed. Michael Yang’s M3B bounced back from the club derby defeat in the first week to win their second match but they lost their third match 3-2 to Jaws M.


Master Division 4

The newly formed masters Div 4 is still in its early rounds. The M4A team won their first game vs HKFC M4B but they then lost their second game to a strong CUHK team.


Ladies Division 1

The HKFC L1 team has lost their first 3 games in the very strong division 1.


Ladies Division 2

It is early days in the ladies Division 2 but with 3 teams from HKFC battling out for glory it will be interesting to see which team turns out to be strongest. The HKFC L2A team led by Cherly Yat Ching Vong are unbeaten so far with 3 wins from 3. The L2B and L2C teams have had mixed results but have won a match each.


Ladies Division 3

Last year’s league winners L3A got off to a very strong start beating HKFC L3B I the first round of fixtures. Chin Mcnamara’s team will be aiming for more silverware again this year.

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