2016 Tripartite Junior Squash Tournament (by Alexander Chew, 2016 HKFC Juniors Team Captain)


 On April 30th 2016, a team of HKFC's finest junior squash players went to HKCC for the 2016 Tripartite Junior Squash Tournament contested between the hosts HKCC, HKFC and Discovery Bay. It was originally a "7 vs 7 vs 7" junior squash tournament, but unfortunately on the morning of the tournament we were informed that HKFC's juniors' No. 2 seed would not be able to make it due to illness. So HKFC juniors went with only 6.

During the tournament, HKFC juniors played to their best of abilities. More importantly it was about having fun, making some new friends and enjoying the game. Special mention goes to HKFC's juniors' No. 4 seed Carlos Ng, who not only played HKCC's juniors' No. 4 seed and DB's juniors' No. 4 seed; he also played HKCC's juniors' No. 2 seed and DB's juniors' No. 2 respectively in place of the No2's absence.  Prior to that, Carlos insisted that he should play HKCC's No. 2 seed and DB's No. 2 seed respectively. Apparently, he's a friend of HKCC's juniors' No. 2 seed and he told me he knows how his friend plays all his moves and shots. Carlos even convinced me he wanted to play him because he just wanted to and that he thought it felt right. Well, give him credit because he pulled off a stunning victory against HKCC's juniors' No. 2 seed to go along with other wins contributed by HKFC junior players Carlos (again), Renee Wu, Thana Fearn, Harrison Niehoister, Naomi Teng and me.



Overall, it was truly a fine performance from all HKFC juniors who joined me for this tournament, generously hosted by Rajeev (tournament's host organiser) and HKCC. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as I too enjoyed the tournament.

A special thank you to the HKFC coaches and our parents who helped all of us to gear up for this tournament, especially Mr. Wu (No. 1 seed's father) and Carlos Ng (again) for helping me out with the photographs for the tournament as I was busy refereeing a squash match and soon after supporting my team whenever they played.


Finally, I could not ask more for an amazing team to represent HKFC. In the closing stages, Carlos Ng won HKFC's tenth match for the tournament which all but assured that HKFC juniors WON THE TOURNAMENT CUP AS A WHOLE. It was a close battle between the hosts HKCC for the winning trophy but we ran out winners by a margin of 4 match wins. The final score was HKFC 12, HKCC 8 and DB 1. To the players who played for HKFC juniors in the tournament:- Naomi Teng, Renee Wu, Carlos Ng, Thana Fearn and Harrison Niehoister - YOU ARE THE REAL MVPs. Thank you!!!


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