Mar 2016 - HKCC vs. HKFC Annual Challenge Match (by Steve Gollop and Nick Organ)

On the 20th February, 51 of HKFC’s finest made their way up the mountain to the Cricket Club for the annual squash battle. 


First up were the juniors in the morning with all 17 making it on time even though many came from previous sports matches all over Hong Kong. For many this was their first time playing for the club in competition so a few nerves were apparent. All of our team was selected from our junior programme, and we played against what was a cricket club all comers team so some of the matches were more than challenging for us, however all of our young players stepped up and gave their all on the court.


It was great to see all of our team, and the parents, getting behind the players on court with vocal support. After a tough match the kids all tucked into pizza kindly supplied by the Cricket Club and as the picture shows we all made some friends. Special mention of Nitish Melwani for bringing home a great win; there were plenty of others who put in great performances with some coming close to victory. Next year we will work harder on the match ups and for now lots to keep working on in the weekly coaching sessions in the junior programme. Well done juniors, you did the club proud. Big thanks go to Nick Organ and Matt Robinson for all their work beforehand and on the day.


Since the new cup was provided for the senior event, it has remained with the Football Club, thanks to an away draw,  followed by a home win in 2015. It was immediately clear in the afternoon that the Cricket Club did not want to see the cup going back down the slope again.


On paper the Ladies section always had a very hard task ahead with a complete absence on L1 players available. However, they fought hard and special mention should be made of Myrna Jivraj who almost created one of the required upsets, narrowly losing 2-3.

It was then up to the men to try to produce the come back, and we would need some more upsets to achieve this. Dave Murray deserves mention here after finding his opponent being switched last minute for a considerably better player and almost pulling off a great victory, only to lose out in the 5th game and see another 2-3 result against the Club.  The final match of the day saw FC’s Ho Fai face off against Ex- FC coach Chad. After going 2-0 down, Ho Fai produced some great squash and remarkable agility to take the next 3 games and victory in the final match of the day.


But it was not enough and we finally went down 21to13. A tough scoreline, but it does not reflect the effort put in by our players on the day and it is worth noting that if we had managed just 4 more wins, it would have been a draw. That said, we were beaten by the better side on the day and we congratulate HKCC.

As always, the match was played in the best of spirits and we must thank the Cricket Club for their excellent hospitality during the day and in the evening when over 40 attended the Dinner and witnessed  Dave Cross (reluctantly) pass the cup to David Hewitt (CC Squash Convener).


Particular thanks to CC’s Erol Elson and Ellie Sackett for their massive organizational efforts.

No excuses from our side, although the thinner air did seem to slow some of our players down and heightened effects of alcohol certainly affected some of our players and supporters in the evening!

 Back to sea level for the 2017 Match.






Ho Fai Chiu

2 - 3

Liam Stevenson

Keith Frith

0 - 3

Hugh Dyus

Marc Meldrum

3 - 0

Michiel van Voorst

Elliot Froidevaux

0 - 3

Wayne Trench

Brian MacDougall

3 - 0

Ian Anderson


3 - 0

Matthieu Gonash

Dallas Reid

3 - 0

Phil Nielsen

Simon Ho

0 - 3

Alokik Advani

William Fan

3 - 1

Rohit Roopchand

Jason Brown

1 - 3

Vishal Bhammer

Adiran Ng

1 - 3

Rajeev Chib

Julien Lironcourt

1 - 3

Francois Dubois

Dean Thompson

3 - 0


Andrew Wood

3 - 1

David Hewitt

Edward Griffiths

0 - 3

Angus Steweart

David Cross

1 - 3

Charlie Sparrow

Henry Ng

1 - 3

Sunesh Ladharam

Kari Pahlman

3 - 0

Dexter d'souza

Mark Rittmayer

1 - 3

Steel Ytterdal


0 - 3

Bob Smith

Lam Wai Ming

3 - 1


David Murray

3 - 2


Harriet Ho

Tim Harrison

1 - 3


Nick Stearn

3 - 0

Kirstie Wong

Romain Chatté

3 - 2

Jessica Wong

Emma Duncombe

3 - 0

Leanne Li

Vivi Thomas

3 - 0

Lee Sze Yu

Tiffany Zhang

3 - 0

Jessica Wong

Chris Van Winsum

3 - 0

Mandy Wan

Tatiana Zhang

3 - 0

Emma Macpherson

Sati Matharu

3 - 0

Anna Chapman

Myrna Jivraj

3 - 2

Vivien Peters

Genevieve Tang

3 - 0


Nadia Munoz

3 - 0


Final score 21-13 HKCC win

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