18th Wing Ding 2016


The 18th Wing Ding got underway in mid-November. Fourteen teams of ten players played in this frenetic running squash game where players have to get as many points as they can against each other team. In this annual charity event.


This year the costumes were again a mix of the weird, wonderful and scary including minions, green monsters and undertakers. The entertainment around the courts was truly brilliant even if in some cases there wasn’t too much to be left to the imagination with the outfits. The ISRC (Black) team took the top honours with their best costume.


Best Kit/Outfit Results (Top 3)

  1. ISRC (Black) - 265 Points
  2. Ladies Recreation Club (Pink) - 245 Points
  3. Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (Green) - 245 Points


For the overall squash game Simon Ng scored a very good 169 points and was the top number 10 player. For the top players Hugo Ho scored 203 points as the top number 2 player and ISRC’s Rudi Willemse was the top number one player and top scorer overall with a remarkable 215 points.


The overall winners were the Kowloon Cricket Club with an overall score of 1,524 points with the HK cricket club in second and Harrow Star in third.


As this is a charity event and part of Operation Santa Claus a mention goes to the Spankers team who raised HKD 47,200 for charity and were the top overall fund raiser. The total amount raised was HKD 242,950 before taking into account other donations.


Operation Santa Claus (OSC) is the annual charity campaign, jointly organized by the South China Morning Post and RTHK. Over the years, Operation Santa Claus donors have raised over HK$110 million in funds and encouraged Hongkongers to share their good fortune with the needy during the winter festive season.


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HKFC Wing Ding - 2016
Final Standings
  Position Team     No. of Points
     Kit      TOTAL
  Raised   Top Points Scorers  
  1 Kowloon Cricket Club (Silver) 155    1,524   HK$5,500   Player No. Name  Team Points  
  2 HK Cricket Club (Turquoise) 235    1,486   HK$23,700   1 Rudi Willemse ISRC 215  
  3 Harrow Star (Purple) 220    1,449   HK$5,300   2 Hugo Ho Kowloon Cricket Club 203  
  4 HKFC A-Team (Orange) 215    1,425   HK$18,000   3 Ray Man Harrow Star 197  
  5 HK Swingers (Brown) 190    1,376   HK$6,000   4 Rajesh Nihalani HK Swingers 150  
  6 CWB ALLSORTS (Red) 125    1,372   HK$42,750   5 Niaz Rehman Kowloon Cricket Club 154  
  7 American Club (White) 230    1,347   HK$24,000   6 Stuart Gates HKFC A-Team 170  
  8 ISRC (Black) 265    1,322   HK$31,100   7 Alex O'Dell HK Cricket Club 166  
  9 Royal HK Yacht Club (Green) 245    1,315   HK$9,300   8 Jo Piasecki   Ladies Rec. Club 164  
  10 Ladies Rec. Club (Pink) 245    1,271   HK$7,000   9 Phoebe Leung Kowloon Cricket Club 151  
  11 Black Whistles (TROPICAL) 150    1,262   HK$5,000   10 Simon Ng Harrow Star 169  
  12 Revolution Chimera (Gold) 155    1,252   HK$6,000            
  13 Utd Services Rec.Club (Yellow) 240    1,229   HK$12,100   Donations  
  14 Spankers (Blue) 175    1,216   HK$47,200    Raised by Teams HK$242,950  
  Position Top Kits / Outfit Points Top Fund Raisers    Other Donations/Raffle HK$0  
  1 ISRC (Black) 265 Spankers HK$47,200   Total Raised HK$242,950  
  2 Ladies Rec. Club (Pink) 245 CWB ALLSORTS HK$42,750            
  3 Royal HK Yacht Club (Green) 245 ISRC HK$31,100