It’s a Family Affair


Squash is well known to be an active, healthy sport so it's great to see the large number of juniors now learning how to play the game and master their skills as part of the HKFC Junior Squash Section.

Two of the most promising junior players at the club are James and Julia Horsey who both took up the game at a very young age, and who are both now realising their early potential. Of course, Mum and Dad are Jenny and Fred Horsey - both well-known and longtime members of the club who both played for and represented the club's squash teams. Jenny grew up in Hong Kong and Fred has spent a long time in Hong Kong, having moved here from Vancouver, Canada, twenty years ago.‎ 


The Horsey Family - James, Fred, Julia and Jenny

With both parents keen on squash, tennis and badminton, it was no surprise that young James took up badminton at the age of four. By the age of six, James turned to squash and started getting private coaching lessons from Phil Head and his team at the club. James showed great promise and before too long he was offered a slot on the Young Athletes Squash Training Scheme which is run by the Hong Kong government. These days, James’ coaching is under the watchful eye of Chad Sunde, a member of Phil’s coaching team. James combines his squash interests with biking, tennis, reading and video games - and he now plays in Division 10 of the Men's Leagues at the tender age of 13. Furthermore, James passed the Hong Kong Squash Gold Award Scheme in 2012. The future certainly looks bright for this talented young man.


Young James with his HK Squash Gold Award

Julia followed her brother into squash by taking up badminton at the age of five. She started some squash rallying with her parents at the age of eight and she went on join Phil's weekly squash sessions within a year - and Julia was enrolled into the Hong Kong Young Athletes Squash Training Scheme by the age of ten. Julia is now ranked number five in Hong Kong for her age group (under 11s) and is showing so much promise now that she was invited onto the Regional Training Scheme which involves three training sessions each week. I'm not sure how she finds any spare time but, when she does, she enjoys drawing and doing arts and crafts.

2_-_Young_Julia_with_her_HK_Squash_Silver_Award.jpgYoung Julia with her HK Squash Silver Award


Parents Fred and Jenny are now content to spend their time less energetically, playing tennis, swimming and squashing all together as a family. All of them realise the importance of remaining active and healthy - and a sport like squash ticks all their boxes.

4_-_The_Horsey_Family_on_vacation.jpgThe Horsey Family on vacation

Why don't you enquire about the HKFC's various junior squash activities and get your children involved in this challenging and fun sport?  In addition to private coaching lessons and activities provided by Phil Head’s team (Blade Limited), the squash section also runs a new introductory junior programme. This is run by a committee of volunteers and led by a coach provided by Blade Ltd. More information can be found on or in the latest Sports & Activities Booklet available at the club. The Junior Programme Committee can also be reached at


Until then, watch this space, and we'll continue to keep you posted on James and Julia’s progress - and on the progress and development of the Junior Section too.

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