How Fast can you make the ball go ? - Final Results


14th December Final results: 

I’ll keep this brief as I am recovering from dancing fever (Christmas Party related illness that arises from indiscriminate dancing like a fool).   Winners as highlighted in the lists below and many thanks to all who participated, co-gun Chairman Jon Pipe, and special thanks to Malcolm Kerr for donating prizes of skint wallets to all of the winners.  These are worth $195 each and you can check them out at  The overall winner also receives a skint wallet t-shirt courtesy of Malcolm.

Just before the final bell yesterday Nigel Steffensen managed to take the prize from the Indonesian National Team which thankfully saved us a lot of international shipping charges!  Great job Nigel I won’t give away your secret of how you did it and yes I’m still chasing down the 11 year old kid who took the photo with you holding the gun!

I’ll present a check to Tim Everest for RTHK/SCMP Operation Santa Clause for the total funds raised of $4,890 and for those of you who weren’t at last night’s wonderful Christmas Party (great job Vinod!), I’ll pass you your skint wallet shortly.



14th November Update results:   The radar guns were blazing this evening thanks to the ladies!  Please note:

i) Lots of ladies gave it a go – I very deftly asked their age categories upon registration, a very sensitive topic indeed – I discovered along the way the best approach is to start with ‘are you 17 or under?’ and then go from there – suddenly I had donations coming out my ears

ii) HKCC is now atop the leaderboard in the ladies masters category, and we have ladies now appearing in all four categories

iii) The prizes for the top scorers in each category (men’s wallets) might need to be replaced in future years with ladies’ hand bags – of course these days ladies carry men’s wallets and men carry ladies’ hand bags so all is well for the moment

iv) Mark Sutcliffe came within a whisker of tying the Indonesian national team member in the men’s master’s category so now we have four men tied for 2nd; hopefully some healthy lumberjack sort of fella will eventually beat the Indonesian so that we can award the prize at home

v) We had our first donation by someone who didn’t wish to have a hit – this special thanks goes out to Ms. Clare Guest

vi) We’ve had over 60 challengers thus far

To give more players a chance to have a go, we have extended the radar gun challenge until the 13th December Squash Section Christmas party, where winners will be announced and prizes awarded.  Don’t worry, we’ll hold your prizes safe and sound if you cannot make it to the Christmas party!


1st November Update results:  Our two co-champions from two years ago squared off yesterday.  Here’s what happened:

Firstly they sized each other up with stares of raging sumo wrestlers entering the ring.  Then Rory Gammell tied the men atop the leader board at 149mph.  Andrew Ward stepped in cursing and spitting blood.  Unfortunately he only managed 145mph.  After Rory left the court with a million smiles, Andrew had a game with Lincoln Chan and returned to the court, and almost blew up the radar guns at 157mph.  A quick google search reveals the equivalent energy of a 157mph swing:

  1. 50 teeming camels running across the arid desert
  2. 10 siberian huskies racing across the snowy tundra
  3. 3 thieves running from heavily armed police back in my country
  4. 1 angry wife chasing me around the house

Although the men’s category could be safely wrapped up, there are still seven other categories that are wide open and I will be down at the Club often this week holding my gun.  All challengers welcome.


6th October results:  Yes, we decided to start early due to excitement generated already!  We had challengers in three of the eight categories try their luck, with their results below.  

In one case, the challenger’s top speed was measured when they accidentally let go of their racquet which somehow left the court and on-lookers dived for cover as the racquet flew into the fan gallery!  Unsure whether the radar gun measured the speed of the ball or the racquet, so next year we might have to change the name of this event to ‘how fast can you make the ball OR racquet go’?!  

So get down to one of the sessions and see how fast you can make the ball go !

Results to Date:-

Mens Masters (age 40 and above)
Date Name Speed
06-Oct Nigel Steffensen 131mph
13-Dec Nigel Steffensen 136mph
11-Oct Malcolm Kerr 123mph
11-Oct Phil Ashman (UK Army) 131mph
11-Oct Jonny Djongsupnardi (Indonesian Team) 133mph
11-Oct Huryanto 126mph
11-Oct Lincoln Chan 127mph
14-Oct Tom Tang 107mph
14-Oct Steve Gollop 111mph
14-Oct Simon Ho 96mph
12-Dec Simon Ho 118mph
14-Oct Ben Pawlyn 97mph
18-Oct Ernest Law 98mph
18-Oct Neil Roberts 118mph
26-Oct Jacky Choi 103mph
26-Oct Adam Wong 116mph
26-Oct Keith Frith 117mph
01-Nov Dave Cross 131mph
01-Nov Roger Liden 125mph
01-Nov Rob ‘baseball’ Jones 106mph
11-Nov Mark Sutcliffe 131mph
12-Dec George Chan 132mph
12-Dec Kwanlun Ho 92mph
Mens (age 18 and above)
Date Name Speed
06-Oct Elliot Froidevaux 124mph
06-Oct Manoj Nihalani 135mph
06-Oct Peter Tsang 127mph
11-Oct Barry Watson 145mph
11-Oct Richard Jones 149mph
11-Oct Rich Green 149mph
11-Oct Rajesh Nihalani 127mph
11-Oct Chris O’Brien 124mph
11-Oct Peter Shum 138mph
11-Oct Ade Furqon 126mph
11-Oct Tim Fan 146mph
11-Oct Jon Pipe 124mph
11-Oct Ho Fai 144mph
14-Oct John Thompson 119mph
14-Oct Kelvin Kwan 124mph
18-Oct Joe Oei 118mph
18-Oct Robert ‘Rugby’ Jones 129mph
23-Oct Sean Soo 123mph
01-Nov Krzysztof Kostienko 123mph
01-Nov Ho Ming Chiu 131mph
01-Nov Rory Gammell 149mph
01-Nov Andrew Ward 157mph
02-Nov Matt Robinson 110mph
12-Dec Tom Chamberlain 126mph
12-Dec Adrian Ng 130mph
12-Dec Gergoe Schlosser 137mph
12-Dec Tom Rhodes 140mph
12-Dec James Li 136mph
12-Dec James Zhang 137mph
Ladies Masters (age 40 and above)
Date Name Speed
14-Nov Violeta Thomas 85mph
14-Nov Emma Duncombe 98mph
14-Nov Anna Chapman (HKCC) 110mph
14-Nov Angela Moss (HKCC) 99mph
14-Nov Suzie Sadler 85mph
14-Nov Rachel Sutcliffe 87mph
12-Dec Jenny Lester 105mph
12-Dec Javy Wong 92mph
Ladies (age 18 and above)
Date Name Speed
11-Oct Rosie Hamilton (UK Army) 119mph
11-Oct Nicol Chung 102mph
11-Oct Kristy Chung 108mph
11-Oct Julie Catur (UK Army) 110mph
14-Nov Gemma Sung 105mph
14-Nov Elizabeth Pompea 97mph
Junior Boys (below age 18 and above age 11)
Date Name Speed
6/12 Oct Max Kerr 137mph
12-Oct Alex Fook 110mph
12-Oct Zach Ho 96mph
12-Dec Keith Chan 140mph
12-Dec Nathan Chan 143mph
Junior Girls (below age 18 and above age 11)
Date Name Speed
11-Oct Cobie Chan 114mph
14-Nov Natalie Organ 78mph
Junior Boys (below age 12)
Date Name Speed
12-Oct Lewis Kerr 88mph
12-Oct Russell Kuan 92mph
Junior Girls (below age 12)
Date Name Speed
11-Oct Ellysa Ho (Simon’s daughter) 56mph
12-Dec Lily Sheary 65mph
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