Good Luck, Tom!



It is with a heavy heart that the HKFC Squash Section bids farewell to Tom and May Tang, who are leaving Hong Kong to relocate in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tom has been a popular and active member of the Squash Section for many years, and has served as both Captain and Chairman of the Squash Section Committee. His tireless, selfless work and endearing friendship have helped make him one of the most popular members in the section.


But fear not, for Tom and May will only be making a home in KL for two years, so we hope to see them both back at the club before too long. The Squash Section recently held an afternoon of squash (and drinks, of course) for the section members to allow them to bid their farewells to Tom and May. We wish them both the best of success, good health and prosperity in Kuala Lumpur. The attached photographs show Tom in fine form with his team-mates celebrating another successful season of squash.


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