France Win HKFC Squash World Cup


The annual squash world cup was played in January to see which country would have the annual bragging rights of being the best country represented down at the club. With 8 teams all having 7 players each and a running format where every team plays each other team to gain the most points this is a fast non-stop game which is a lot of fun and very tiring.



With some questionable team selections of who is representing which team, France came out on top as the annual winner of the open which did have Romaine Chatte and Alex Barmont as real Frenchman playing for Les Bleus. Only 13 points separated the next four positions with the Asia team coming in 2nd , Britain 3rd  and HK Island 4th.

From a personal team perspective France had Paul Errington as the top scorer or the number 7s representing the teams.


Himmy Yeung scored the most points of any player scoring 110 for the made up Sealand team. The numbers 2s had the closest games with Sean Soo being the top scorer representing HK Island with 70 points.

Once the handicaps were included France were still the outright winners with Britain in a close 2nd place and HK new territories 3rd.

So not only are France known for their fine wine and food they can also add squash to the list of areas they are experts. I am sure the teams will be out next year to get revenge and see who can take the title off of them.


  Position Team  TOTAL POINTS     Top Points Scorers    
  1 France & Friends           583     Player No. Name  Team Points    
  2 Asia           558     1 Vincent Yu (0) HK Island 98    
  3 Britain           552     2 Sean Soo (0) HK Island 70    
  4 HK Island           547     3 Nam Chan (3) Europe 106    
  5 Europe           545     4 Mike Zimmermann (3) HK Island 90    
  6 Sealand           534     5 Andrew Wood (1) Britain 107    
  7 HK N.T.           533     6 Himmy Yeung (3) Sealand 110    
  8 Africa & Friends           481     7 Paul Errington (2) France & Friends 101    
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