CCC 120th Anniversary Celebrations – Squash Cup (By David Cross)


It was a surprise to receive an invite from our younger neighbours to take part in a Squash Cup to commemorate their 120 years of existence, in particular following their absence from the HK Squash leagues for several years. 

Seeking clarity on the format we were eventually asked to form a team of mid – lower divisional strength players and so the Sunday after the previous nights big celebrations of the Chairmans and Captains Cup we made the long trek over to CCC which still took us over 15 minutes once we had finally located the changing rooms as nobody seemed to know where they were, we also couldn’t find the cricket pitch!

We arrived at the courts in good time to see none other than HKCC’s Dick Lau (former world ranked 74 before retiring from the tour a couple of years back) on the steps, jokingly we asked if he was playing, and to our surprise he confirmed YES!!!! Ok, so this was not going to be close at number 1 with yours truly facing him, but then we discovered he was at number 3, and that the numbers 1 and 2 were younger current tour players and numbers 1 and 2 for HKCC in Division 1.

So, not really relishing 6 hours of round-robin games we began against HKCC. To their credit, the games were played in good sporting manner, with a certain amount of keepy uppy which bit by bit tired us out, not before hitting several winners to take away as souvenirs.

The other teams were comprised of a CCC team and a Poly team where we were able to compete more evenly  as we took a handful of games and matches.
After a few hours of squash and hospitality we left our hosts and wished them all the best for the next 120 years and retired to HKFC receiving our commemorative trophies the following day.

Thanks must go to CCC for their hospitality, to Stephen Gollop our matches convenor for his patience in bringing together our team to play and in dealing with the organisers and to fellow team mates on the day, Michael Yang, Nigel Steffenson, James Osmund, Brian Taam.

(photo showing all the participants including our own team, who despite not winning the event would have surely won the best dressed award all sporting full and matching kit).

Mens Captain - David Cross

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