Captain’s v Chairmans Cup (by David Cross - Men’s Captain)


The inaugural Captain’s v Chairmans Cup lived up to all the hype as over 40 people signed up.  Our Chairman Adam Wilson arrived for the draw (foot injury sidelining him to the bench) decked out in red pointed festive pixie boots, one couldn’t help but wonder if these were the cause of his foot injury!

Ladies Captain Rachel Sutcliffe and Men’s Captain David Cross were on hand to draw their combined team to try and defeat the Chairman as both sides picked alternatively from the cup to decide their line-ups in match play format.

The picks went smoothly and both happy with their teams, Captain’s slightly more confident having secured some strong top level players and Rachel having managed to avoid picking her other half Mark, providing a test of family loyalties.

Jon Pipe duly opting for old school scoring with paper, blue tac and a bit of cello-tape and the matches were posted up on the board as the players warmed up.

A close start after the first four matches 2-2 and then after 8 matches 4-4. Then a tidal wave ripped through the Chairmans mid order as one by one the Captain’s picks notched up win after win as they surged to an 11-4 lead before two of the Chairmans men were able to claw back 2 points with Elliot over turning a 2-0 lead by Simon and Eric holding on to fend off Jon with a 3-2. Peter then secured another win for the Captain’s to move ahead 12-6

With the supporters squeezing behind courts 7 and court 3 the final three matches didn’t disappoint with an array of good shots and breathtaking rallies.

Sadly for the Chairman adding no further points to his tally as the Captain’s celebrated the final score of 15-6.


Celebratory photographs at Court 7 followed by drinks at the appropriately named Captain’s bar before a sizeable group headed off to continue the proceedings at Jojo’s in Wanchai with a well earned curry and a few cool kingfishers.

And so we were done, the very first Captain’s and Chairmans Cup will go down in history as a win for Sutcliffe and Cross under the heading of Captain’s.


Thanks must go to Jon Pipe for his organization of the event and also to all the players and supporters who helped to make this a memorable first year in what surely will become one of the popular annual fixtures of the section.




Elizabeth Pompea

Lost to

Alex Chew

Vivi Thomas


Charles Li

Rachel Sutcliffe

Lost to

Barry McAlinden

Nick Organ


Mark Sutcliffe

Martin Wright


Krzysztof Kostienko

Vinod Harjani


Nigel Steffenson

Mark Lawson

Lost to

Fred Teng

Thomas Tang

Lost to

Michael Yang

Leo Kwok


Suberna Shringla

David Cross


Fook Chew

Gene Soo


Nikolaj Shultz

Dallas Reid


Adrian Ng

Allen Lam


Andrew Wood

Tom Chamberlain


Eli Bitan

Simon Ho


Ajay Hazari

Simon Barton

Lost to

Elliot Froidevaux

Jon Pipe

Lost to

Eric Ho

Peter Shum


Brian MacDougall

Malcolm Kerr


Tim Fan

Vincent Yu


Andrew Ward

Ho Fai Chiu


Ho Ming Chiu



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