Active Squash Section Member Turns 70!




Wai-Ming Lam (everyone knows him as just Lam around the Club) celebrated his 70th birthday on Sept 27, and is still a popular and active member of the Squash Section Hong Kong Leagues, and still plays in Masters Division 3.


Squash Section Chairman with Birthday Boy Lam 

Lam started playing squash in his early thirties and was one of the pioneers in Hong Kong for the sport.  He formed his own team (Alpha) and competed in the HK Squash league year on year until he was invited to play for HKFC squash section in 1998 at the peak of his squash career. Throughout his playing career (still on-going), Lam has won a series of trophies and a whole cabinet at home in which he displays them! Joining the HKFC was a new chapter in Lam’s squash playing experience and he has been actively representing and competing in both the regular as well as the Master divisions. His unique playing style and excellent touch means that he is renowned for his dropshots, and these have earned him many victories for the HKFC in a wide range of HK squash divisions.

Today,  at the age of 70, Lam still goes to the gym almost every day to keep fit and he will represent both Division 15 (lowest ever in his career) and Masters Division 3 for HKFC in the upcoming 2014/15 Squash League.  Full of energy and still looking young, this proud grandfather is set to continue his innings spree this year (especially against lesser experienced players). His racket skills certainly make him one of the most reliable members on his team.  Lam is undoubtedly a mainstay of the HKFC squash section and a proud friend amongst all section members.

Lam_70.jpgM3A Convenor & Sponsor Damien Laracy with team mate Lam 

Lam spends significant amount of time at the club every day (as he is retired) and we’re sure many of you have seen him with his wife at the gym early in the morning.  Besides playing squash, he is a keen golfer (although his handicap hasn’t changed much in last couple of years) and is also a regular visitor to the golf simulator room).  Although not particularly choosy about his food, Lam is a loyal supporter of the buffet lunch at the HKFC coffee shop (especially in the summer when senior citizen is half priced) and tells us his favourite food is in liquid form - wine and beer by far!  

Lam’s son, Allen, is also an active squash player and currently plays in Division 8.  Next up for 70-year old Lam is his ongoing project to teach his grand-daughters (Ashley and Allison) how to play squash and, for the time being, he is getting a lot of wins over them!  A Happy Birthday to Lam from all Section Members.



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