A Word From Our Sponsor – Damien Laracy

As with all HKFC sports sections, the Squash Section is indebted to its sponsor whose support is crucial to the section’s finances and social sides. We recently caught up with our sponsor, Damien Laracy, of Laracy and Company (Solicitors) and found out a little more about the man, his business, his season’s aspirations and a few other incidentals.

Squash_Section_Sponsor_Damien_Laracy_with_his_family.jpgSquash Section Sponsor Damien Laracy, with his family

Tell Us About Your Work – We politely but firmly argue about who did what to who, when, how and why, and what the financial consequences are. That argument can take place in the context of a shipping or transport related dispute (we recently acted for the insurers of the Costa Concordia after she “fell over” off the coast of Italy), an employment contract, a sale of goods contract…….anything where someone or some company says they have been inconvenienced or hurt and has lost money as a result.

Why Do You Enjoy Squash So Much? – It’s a great combination of a personal test and a team endeavour.

What Are Your Season’s Aspirations? – To get my wife on a squash court, playing squash, and to make the playoffs in both Division 13 and Masters Division 3.

Okay then, short, sharp and brief: The Beatles or AC/DC? – AC/DC, “Thunderstruck”.

Jennifer Aniston or Sandra Bullock? – Jennifer Aniston on account of her Friends credentials.

Who was the Best James Bond? – Not David Niven. Sean Connery……he’s closest to the character of the Ian Fleming books.

Cheese or Chocolate? – Always chocolate. Dark chocolate. Or Sandra Bullock now that I think about it a bit more…

Lager or Wine? – Lager, but then again Jennifer is funnier…

Steak, Salad or Fish? – Steak trumps fish which trumps vegetables, so steak!

Out With The Boys or Home With The Family? – That question is very nearly a dead heat. Time with the kids and wife must edge all else however.

Favourite Hong Kong Restaurant? – Nan Tei, Yakitori restaurant in Happy Valley and also in Central.

Favourite Hong Kong Bar? Based on attendance, would have to be Captain’s Bar in the HKFC.

Tell Us A Joke – A man walks into a bar and goes to buy a packet of cigarettes from the cigarette machine. Surprisingly it says “Get outta here, mister!” He then walks over to the bar and picks up a handful of peanuts from a bowl on the counter. The peanuts say “Nice tie you’re wearing, sir.” He tells all this to the manager. The manager says “Yes, the cigarette machine is out of order and the peanuts are complimentary.” Baboom. Q: What’s brown and sticky? A: A stick!


Damien Laracy 
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