The 16th Wing Ding Fancy Dress Charity Squash  Wing_Ding_Logo.jpg

Tournament 2014 at the Hong Kong Football Club.

“Going balls to the walls for Hong Kong’s most needy”              

Wing Ding is coming – the 16th Wing Ding Fancy Dress Charity Squash Tournament hits the HKFC on Saturday 22 November – and now is the perfect time to start getting your team motivated!


In Hong Kong, there are over 430,000 individuals registered as disabled, 85 percent of whom are physically challenged. The late YUEN Kam-Wing was one such person for those of us who had the privilege of knowing him. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Many of us in the squash community who came to Hong Kong in the early 90s’ arrived with hopes and dreams of success. Those who couldn’t afford the plusher clubs made do with the public courts at the Hong Kong Squash Centre in Cotton Tree Drive where sweaty bouts of combat on the squash courts were followed by ice cold beers served by a beaming Wing. These are the sweet memories that stick in my mind.


Almost 20 years later, which included a handover, financial crises, bird flu, SARS and innumerable beers and matches won and lost, it is time to give back. Wing’s memory lives on, thanks to the dedicated efforts of certain individuals but it is proper that Hong Kong’s squash community takes this opportunity to celebrate and recognize what Wing Ding is about. We are all better off now thanks to burgeoning careers as bankers, consultants, airline pilots etc. and we should show our appreciation by not just turning up in force on November 22nd to play squash, but also digging into our pockets to contribute to the many charitable causes that Wing Ding can support through Operation Santa Claus. There are numerous less fortunate people in Hong Kong served by organizations that are outside of the government’s system and whose staff operate on shoestring resources. Dollars spent here go a long way to helping those in need.  

Since 2003, the Wing Ding has gathered an astounding HK$ 8,210,197.13 for charity -- with HK$ 8,176,197.13 of that amount going to Operation Santa Claus, the local holiday appeal overseen by the South China Morning Post and RTHK. 

Last year’s gathering garnered a whopping HK$ 2,121,124.31 for underprivileged Hongkongers. Organizers, though, are counting on fellow Wing Dingers to contribute even more money this year.

Our record speaks for itself but we can speak with a louder voice by digging deeper and encouraging our family, friends and colleagues to support the event through donations.

“Through the memory of Wing and in his honour, we can help to make some seemingly impossible dreams come true at Christmas time,” said Wing Ding coordinator Tim Everest. “It is my hope and one that I hope you can share with me, to give something back to those less fortunate folk at the other end of the social scale.”

How can you contribute? Firstly, spread the word. Cash or prize donations are welcomed but don’t just stop at yourself - speak to your friends and work colleagues. Next, even better, get your organization to sponsor any creative efforts you can come up with and contributions can be tax-deductible.  I am off now to dust off my racquet and call on my bank manager. See you on Saturday, November 22rd.

Those wishing to make a donation should contact Tim Everest on +852 9104 6383 or by e-mail at Thank you very much in advance for your valuable support and we look forward to seeing you in November.