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香港足球會青少年壁球公開賽 2018   

                                                 An Asian Junior Super Series SILVER Event (Sanctioned by ASF)                   

                    Wednesday 19th December to Sunday 23rd December



We recommend you to use the below form for entering on-line. However, if you need to use a manual form and pay by cheque you can download an entry form by clicking here.

我們推薦參賽者以以下的表挌網上報名。若需手填表格及用支票付款,亦可按clicking here下載表格:


On-line - two Step Entry 網上登記兩步

  1. Enter Players details and click Submit. 輸入球員資料後按[Submit]
  2. After 'Submit' - Payment can be made - We accept payment by PayPal or Credit card.  [Submit]後進行付款 - 我們接受Paypal和信用卡付款。

Entry Only (Entry)  HK$250  includes 登記費每球員港幣$250包括 ;

  • Tournament Entry 比賽登記
  • Event T-shirt 比賽T
  • Trophies to Winners of all age-group Main and Plate draws 各項目的比賽獎坏
  • Categories – Girl’s and Boys’ 2-year age-groups from U11 to U19 項目-男子及女子由11歲以下至19歲以下每挌兩年的組別
  • This is a Hong Kong junior ranking 2-stars event  這是香港青年排名2星級比賽

 Male (男)
 Female (女)
 YES 確認

Disclaimer Agreement(聲明書)

I declare that I am healthy, physically fit and suitable to participate in the above activity.  

Parental Consent家長同意書  

I declare that the applicant above is healthy, physically fit and suitable to participate in the above activity.

本人同意此參加者參與上述活動  ,並聲明他/她健康及體能良好,適宜參加上述活動。  

The organization shall not be liable for any injury or death which the participant may suffer in this activity, if the cause of injury or death is due to his/her own negligence or inadequacy in health and fitness.  All decisions made in this tournament are rightfully under the discretion of Hong Kong Football Club.  


WSF SPIN number ALL players MUST have SPIN registrations – which can be obtained at:   

所有球員均需註冊其特定個人號碼"SPIN"來報名此賽事  。球員可自行於以下網上登記:

Note: ENTRY is only complete once payment has been received :須收妥報名費才算成功報名


Entry Terms and Conditions:

Rules & Regulations比賽規例:

  1. Matches will be played to the BEST OF 5 games, & Point-a-rally (PAR) scoring system up to 11 points following the WSF Single Rules.  根據世界壁球協會訂下的球例,比賽採取五局三勝十一分直接得分制。
  2. Organizer shall be responsible for seeding of individuals as required. The current form, the Asian Junior Ranking as of the month of the closing date for entries and the national junior ranking will be used for reference. 賽事委員會將根據各球員的近期狀態、亞洲青少年排名(比賽截止報名月份計算)及其所屬國家及地區的青少年排名作為各組別種子排序參考。
  3. Each player can only enter ONE event in the age category or in a higher category, if so desired. 每位參賽者只可參加一個年齡符合的組別或與之較高的組別。
  4. Format of each division will be decided by organisers which will depend on the number of entries. All players are guaranteed a MINIMUM OF 2 MATCHES.  各個組別的比賽形式將由大會視乎參加人數而定, 但每位參賽者最少可參與兩場賽事
  5. Referees / Markers will be provided; players are not required to officiate for other games where possible. 參賽者需要負責裁判及記分員的工作。
  6. All participants MUST bring their own protective eyewear that is certified by WSF and wear them during play. 所有參賽者必須自備護眼罩及於比賽時佩帶。

Other Information 其他事項:

  • Shuttle bus service between the two tournament venues (HKFC and HKSC) will be provided during the tournament hours from 19-21 December 2018. 主辦機構會於12月19至21日比賽期間安排穿梭巴士接送參賽者往返香港足球會及香港壁球總會。
  • All players will receive a souvenir T-shirt free-of-charge. 每位參賽者都會免費獲得T恤一件。

Important Dates 重要日子:

  • 17.11.2018: The Player entry list of each group will be uploaded to the Hong Kong Football Club Junior Squash Open website on 17 November 2018, please inform us through email ( if there’s any problem or missing information on or before 22 November 2018各組別的參賽者名單將於201811月17日上載香港足球會青少年壁球公開賽網頁。若有任何錯誤資料或遺漏,請於20181122日或之前以電郵形式( 通知本會,以便更正。
  • 12.12.2018: Draws will be released via to the Hong Kong Football Club Junior Squash Open website on 12 December 2018. Participants please download the draws from website directly. 賽程表將於20181212在香港足球會青少年壁球公開賽網頁內公佈,請各參加者自行下載相關賽程,本會將不再另函通知。

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