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香港足球會青少年壁球公開賽 2018   

     SwissNaturlich.png   An Asian Junior Super Series SILVER Event (Sanctioned by ASF)

   Wednesday 19th December to Sunday 23rd December

Live Streaming from Court 7 Here


Live Streaming from Court 6 Here


The Hong Kong Football Club Junior Squash Open 2018 is an Asian Squash Federation (ASF) Asian Junior Super Series “SILVER” event organized by the Hong Kong Football Club.   香港足球會青少年壁球公開賽2018是一項由香港足球會主辦亞洲青少年巡迴計分賽"銀級"賽事

It is endorsed by Hong Kong Squash. This is a Hong Kong junior ranking 2-stars event.  本賽事由香港壁球總會贊同,並定為香港青年壁球"2"排名賽事。  

Participants will be eligible to receive ASF ranking points where there are eight or more participants in the event and two or more come from an ASF Member National Association.  有八名或以上參賽者和有來自兩個或以上ASF會員國總會參賽者的項目,參賽者有資格獲亞洲青少年排名積分。  

Details can be seen at  詳情可查閱


  • Boys Under 19 Open Championship 男子19歲以下
  • Boys Under 17 Open Championship 男子17歲以下
  • Boys Under 15 Open Championship 男子15歲以下
  • Boys Under 13 Open Championship 男子13歲以下
  • Boys Under 11 Open Championship 男子11歲以下
  • Girls Under 19 Open Championship 女子19歲以下
  • Girls Under 17 Open Championship 女子17歲以下
  • Girls Under 15 Open Championship 女子15歲以下
  • Girls Under 13 Open Championship 女子13歲以下
  • Girls Under 11 Open Championship 女子11歲以下

(Age Cut-Off Date: 23 December 2018 -  Each player can only enter ONE event in his/her age category or in a higher age category.(分齢歲數截止日為20181223 - 每位參賽者只可參加一個年齡符合的組別或與之較高的組別。)

ENTRY 報名須知

Open to all overseas and local players, who are not suspended or banned by Hong Kong Squash or the ASF.  Entries for overseas players must be endorsed by their respective National Association or Federation.  本公開賽歡迎所有未被香港壁球或ASF停賽或禁賽的海外及本地球員報名。 海外球員的參賽報名必須得到各自國家總會或聯會的認可。

All players will be required to have a SPIN registration number, which can be obtained at    所有球員均需註冊其特定個人號碼"SPIN"來報名此賽事  。球員可自行於以下網上登記:

Verification of correct date of birth from passport will be required.   大會將要求球員出示護照以驗證正確的出生日期。


Closing date for entries: 15 November 2018   截止報名日期為 201811月15


Withdrawal of players from the championship must be notified to the Tournament Director by email, before the closing date.  No refund will be given on withdrawals received after the closing date of entries. 球員退出錦標賽必須在截止日期之前通過電子郵件通知賽事主辦人。 在截止日期之後收到的通知將不予退款。



Main rounds and top 8 matches will be played to the best of 5 games, 11 points – PAR (Point-A-Rally) following the WSF Rules of World Single Game.  主賽事和八強賽將根據世界壁球協會訂下的球例,比賽採取五局三勝十一分直接得分制。

Format of each category will be decided by the organizer, at later date, pending information on the number of entries.   主辨機構會在將來因應參賽人數以釐定各項目的比賽形色。

All players are guaranteed A MINIMUM of 2 MATCHES.   每位參賽者最少可參與兩場賽事


For questions please contact us at 


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