Playing Ladder Matches

The Squash Ladder is open to all Squash Section members.  Anybody can challenge anybody above him or her in the Ladder, but keep it real.  If you are not already on the ladder, you will be added to it on the next update after you have played a ladder match.  

Please fill in your result on the score sheets on the notice board next to the water fountain near court Seven. 

If you are looking for a players contact details please refer to the contact list. This is available to squash section members who have registered on the web site.  If you have not already registered please do so here

The Ladder Rules!

The Ladder is in 3 categories: Men, Ladies and Juniors.

The Men’s Ladder is gender/age-friendly to Ladies/Juniors of an acceptable standard.

Anybody can Challenge anybody above him or her in the Ladder, but keep it real.

The Challenger will go above the Challenged if the Challenger wins the match.

The Challenger cannot go above the Challenged without winning the match.

The Challenger will gain ranking positions by winning games off the Challenged.

All Men & Ladies Challenge matches shall be best of 5 games, using either the PAR (point a rally) American scoring system to 15 or HIHO (Hand in, hand out) English scoring system to 9.  All Junior Ladder matches will be one game to 15.

Both players should agree to the Challenge match before the start of play.

The Challenged should not deny a Challenge match without good reason. (A night on the tiles, the dog chewed my racket, jet-lag, et al do not constitute ‘good reason’!)

All Club tournament and league matches between Ladder players that are played to best of 5 games shall automatically count as Challenge matches.

Handicap tournaments and suchlike matches shall not count as Challenge matches.

How it works

If the Challenged wins 3-0, (or Juniors wins the game), no change in the Ladder rankings.

If the Challenger wins, the Challenger goes immediately above the Challenged in the ranking, irrespective of the match score.

For Men's and Ladies ladder matches, if the Challenger loses, but wins 1 or 2 games, the Challenger will gain 1/3rd , 2/3rd the difference in the ranking positions for each game won, ignoring decimals and fractions.  (to a maximum of 10 places)


Challenged ranked No. 11 and Challenger ranked No. 18 before start of play.

Challenged wins 3-0: No change.

Challenger wins 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2: Challenger goes to No. 11, Challenged drops to No. 12.

Challenger loses 1-3: Challenger goes up 2 places to No. 16 (up 1/3rd of 7 places ranking difference, ignoring decimals and fractions).

Challenger loses 2-3: Challenger goes up 4 places to No. 14 (up 2/3rds of 7 places ranking difference, ignoring decimals and fractions).

Any disagreements may be referred to Ajay Hazari for Arbitration.

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