For those who join the club under the Sports Preferred members (SPMs) scheme, there are various commitments that have to be made.

This commitment recognises that you are joining one of Asia's premier sports and social clubs on advantageous terms, and without the need to spend a considerable amount of time waiting for a membership.  There is also a significant cost benefit.

The purpose of this communication is to:

(a) Remind and re-emphasise the need for that commitment

(b) Clarify what we mean by commitment

(c) Ensure that there is no ambiguity or misunderstanding

The Squash Section of the Club is the "Sponsor" and every year we seek to attract and allocate places for new members based upon a variety of factors.

However, demand for places is high and we adopt a rigorous selection process to ensure that we bring in players with a range of skills and willingness to participate in the life of the Section.

The key phrase here is "life of the Section" which means that it is expected that members will participate not just in playing competitive league squash but will also support the many activities that are arranged throughout the year.

Sports Preferred members come in under three categories :-

  • Junior Junior Members - Under the Age of 21
  • Senior Juniors Members - Ages 21 to 27
  • Senior Sports Preferred Member - Age 28 and above

The main commitments expected are as summarised follows :-

  • 75% availability for League Matches
  • Must play 50% of all matches 
  • Participation in a minium of 4 Squash section events per year
  • Attendence at the Squash Section Annual General Meeting
  • Minimum spend in the F&B Outlets per month
  • Being seen around the section - attending training, Club nights, playing ladder matches etc.

Sports Preferred members make a commitment to the Club and the Section at the outset, and the Club takes the view that you are obligated to meet that commitment.

On that note, if your workload or social life means that you simply cannot honour the commitment this is not a valid excuse for not participating (unless it is for just a short period of time).     

The point here is that you cannot make the commitment to the Section, join on advantageous terms, and then not turn up because of other commitments elsewhere. This is a choice that you would need to make.

Squash Committee

July 2018

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