See below for a list of the winners in our last annual Club Championships and the End of Season player awards.

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2017 HKFC Club Championship - Winners List
  Winner   Runner -up
Men's Squash Competitions
Mens Cup: Rudi Willemse 3-0 Dick Lau
Mens Plate: Charles Ko 3-0 James Zhang
Mens Bowl: Krzysztof Kostienko 3-2 Kari Pahlman
Mens Master Cup: Malcolm Kerr 3 - 1 Peter Hill
Mens Master Plate: Stuart Gates 3 - 1 Julian Ragless
Mens Super Master Cup: Hugh Dyus W/O James Barrington
Mens Super Master Plate: T.K. Yeung 3 - 0 Wilson Li
Ladies Squash Competitions
Ladies Cup: Carmen Lee 3 - 2 Karen Lau
Ladies Plate: Cheryl Vong 3 - 2 Paige Hill
Ladies Bowl: Niki Chan 3-1 Alina Teh
Ladies Masters Cup: Kate Geary 3 - 2 Emma Duncombe
                                END OF SEASON AWARDS
  Mens   Ladies
Player of the Year : Jeff Leung (Div 11)   Olivia Chan
Team of the Year :  Div 2B   L3A
Convenor of the Year : Jame Li   Javy Wong
Take Your Kit Travelling Photo: Peter Tsang at Easter Island


Past Winners - Men

HKFC Squash Club Championship - Men's Past Winners
  MENS Masters Super Masters Men's Player
 of the Year
Year CUP Plate Bowl CUP Plate CUP Plate
2017 Rudi Willemse Charles Ko Krzysztof Kostienko Malcolm Kerr Stuart Gates Hugh Dyus T.K. Yeung Jeff Leung
2016 Ho Fai Chiu Julien Lironcourt Henry Ng Lincoln Chan Andrew Wood Hugh Dyus Neil Roberts James Osmund
2015 Ho Fai Chiu Julian Tanner Jonathan Davidson Chad Sunde Eli Bitan Hugh Dyus Simon Ho Ho Fai Chiu
2014 Chad Sunde Alex Hartley Julian Tanner Phil Head Ajay Hazari James Barrington Ajay Hazari Jonathan Pipe
2013 Dick Lau Ken Lindeque Dallas Reid Malcolm Kerr Lawrence Lee Hugh Dyus Ajay Hazari Eric Ho
2012 Chad Sunde Rajesh Nihalani Vinod Harjani Phil Head Brian MacDougall James Barrington Julian Ragless Elliot Froidevaux
2011 Chad Sunde Jonathan Barton George Chan Malcolm Kerr Harold Lo     Paul Errington
2010 Nick Chirls Simon Barton Andrew Wood Malcolm Kerr Lawrence Lee     Tim Fan
2009 Patrick Choi Jonathan Barton Derek Ryan Malcolm Kerr Jack Law      
2008 Chad Sunde TK Yeung Suberna Shringla Marc Meldrum Fook Aun Chew      
2007 Licoln Chan Dinesh Hathiramani Charlie Solomon James Barrington Dallas Reid      
2006 Licoln Chan Julian Ragless Damian Trimingham  Marc Meldrum Kien Ng      
2005 Lincoln Chan Mark Bird   James Barrington Alan Sankey      
2004 Lincoln Chan Marc Meldrum   Murray Bennetto Mike Gray      
2003 Malcolm Kerr Charlie Solomon   James Barrington Adrian Shambler      
2002 Keith Frith Adrian Ng   Brian MacDougall Jack Law      
2001 Sunny Poon Jack Law   Brian MacDougall Jack Law      
2000 Ken Lindeque Sam Alexander   Brian MacDougall Alan Sankey      
1999 Malcolm Kerr Mark Bird   K K Chan Simon Ng      
1998 Sunny Poon Kien Ng   John Odell Ray Coleman      
1997 Lincoln Chan Martyn Harris   Colin Butterfield Arthur Koeman      
1996 Peter Hill Paul Chan   John Odell Arthur Koeman      
1995 Ted Tovar Mark Harris   Phil Wood        
1994 Ted Tovar Alan Sankey   Phil Wood        
1993 A Hicks R Powrie   Philip Wood        
1992 Ken Geissler     Philip Wood        
1991 I Hardy     Philip Wood        
1990 J Barrington     John Odell        
1989 S Goldblatt     John Odell        
1988 C I Hardy     John Odell        
1987 J Barrington              
1986 C I Hardy              
1985 D A Tully              
1984 D A Tully              
1983 T Zander              
1982 D Arthur              
1981 K K Chan              
1980 K K Chan              
1979 N Telfer              
1978 S Swallow              
1977 D C Campbell              
1976 D C Campbell              


Past Winners - Ladies

HKFC Squash Club Championship-  Ladies Winners
  Ladies Ladies Masters Ladies Player
 of the Year
Year CUP Plate Bowl CUP
2017 Carmen Lee Cheryl Vong Niki Chan Kate Geary Olivia Chan
2016 Carmen Lee Gemma Sung - Emma Duncombe Chris Van Winsum
2015 Carmen Lee Rene Wu - Pat Choong Emma Duncombe
2014 Carmen Lee Dodo Kwong Gemma Sung Julie Savoie Iris Chung
2013 Carmen Lee Iris Sung Lita Fan Pat Choong Suzanne Saddler
2012 Carmen Lee Angel Choi Suzanne Saddler Pat Choong Claire Archer
2011 Carmen Lee Cheryl Ward Lita Fan Iris Sung Gail McDermott
2010 Carmen Lee Cheryl Ward Regina McNamara Iris Sung Cheryl Ward
2009 Shina Leung Iris Sung Kathryn Harrison Lynley Solomon  
2008 Emma Pike Jenny Chu Teresa Bailey Lynley Solomon  
2007 Emma Pike Cheryl Ward   Lynley Solomon  
2006 Emma Pike Jacquie Peacock   Lynley Solomon  
2005 Paulette Disher Rachel Collins   Lynley Solomon  
2004 Paulette Disher Rachel Collins   Lynley Solomon  
2003 Chris McGuigan Nicola Newman   Chris McGuigan  
2002 Chris McGuigan Donna Wacker   Lynley Solomon  
2001 Linda Gilett Barbara Henshaw   Lynley Solomon  
2000 Lynley Solomon Kerry Valentine   Chris McGuigan  
1999 Cris Bonoan Claire Preen   Chris McGuigan  
1998 Dawn Olsen Angela Tam   Chris McGuigan  
1997 Dawn Olsen Jackie Hawkes   Julie Cooke  
1996 Dawn Olsen Angela Tam   Julie Thorpe  
1995 Jo Koeman Linda Dixon   Dot Simpson  
1994 Jo Cooper Delmah McWalters   Lynne Burke  
1993 L Burke F Steel   L Burke  
1992 L Burke S Barham   J Hawkes  
1991 D McWalters P Yu   J Hawkes  
1990 J Hawkes J Olsen   J Hawkes  
1989 J Hawkes K Aylen   B McGraw  
1988 J Hawkes S Barham   Teresa Brooke  
1987 J Hawkes C Gunn      
1986 Teresa Brooke E Duggie      
1985 Julie Hawkes J Sayer      
1984 Julie Hawkes J Sayer      
1983 Teresa Brooke E Scott      
1982 Teresa Brooke R Davidson      
1981 Dawn Olsen S Cowland      
1980 Dawn Olsen H Deayton      
1979 Robbie McGraw K Mahoney      


Past Winners - Juniors

HKFC Squash Club Championship-  Juniors Winners
Year  Under 8s Winner  Under 10s Winner  Under 12s Winner  Under 14s Winner  Under 16s Winner  Under 18s Winner
2017 - Lucas Tulluch Alyssa Ho Tyler Weisberg Charles Ko Charles Ko
2016 James Sum Alyssa Ho Tatiana Zhang Tyler Weisberg Renee Wu -
2015 Luke Titterington Alyssa Ho Julia Horsey - Neil Sadarangani Neil Sadarangani
2014 James Barton Scott Norman Lewis Kerr - Josh Attwell Josh Attwell
2013 - - - - - -
2012 Nicolas MacDougall Lewis Kerr  Neil Sadarangani -  Amarik Khosa -
2011 Jaden Li Head Arjun Karnik Max Kerr - Max Kerr -
2010 Lewis Kerr  Neil Sadarangani  Neil Sadarangani -  Amarik Khosa -
2009  James Horsey  Neil Sadarangani  Amarik Khosa -  Amarik Khosa -
2008 Adam Bailey Max Kerr Nicholas Choong - Amarik Khosa -
2007 Max Kerr Amarik Khosa Ashwin Khosa - Kate Rawson -
2006 Antoine Gontard Rohit Daswani Ashwin Khosa - Yasmin Daswani -
2005 Amarik Khosa Dean Dyus Peter Shum - Jade Macnamara -
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